About WATA

WATA A decentralized standard hashrate mining platform

WATA Introduction

Wata is the first decentralized standard hashrate mining platform based on the BSC chain ecology. We hope to make mining simple and efficient. Everyone can participate and users no longer have high thresholds.They do not have to calculate various complicated costs by themselves, do not have to worry about the operating efficiency of the mining machines, only need to care about the benefits. Let's mine together.

WATA products

In the first phase, we plan to launch hashrate token of Litecoin (LTC).1mLTC represents the real hashrate power of 1Mhash.The real mining machines are hosted by WaYi Mining Industry, and the hashrate power is connected into the Easy2mine mining pool, which can help community inquiry machine operating efficiency, revenues and other data. The first batch of 1T LTC hashrate power will be launched, and the revenues of doge will also be distributed to token holders.

  • mLTC mining information:

  • Electricity cost: 0.0583 usd/kWh

  • Pool rate (PPS): 2%

  • Power Consumption Ratio: 1.5873 w/Mh

How to buy?

We will mortgage the token to the mLTC-USDT pool in the decentralized exchange mdex, and users can freely buy there.

Staking to mine

We will start mining with 2 liquidity pools initially. In the mLTC silver mining pool, you only need to stake the mLTC into the contract to start mining. In the mLTC LP gold mining pool, users need to stake the mLTC-USDT trading pair in mdex first, and then stake the trading pair to the LP contract.

Revenues distribution

The particularity of LTC hashrate power will reward miners a certain percentage of extra doge coins and Easy2mine mining pool tokens, which will also be allocated. Equivalent mining rewards of staked mLTC will be allocated to the silver mining pool,the rest revenues will be allocated to the mLTC LP gold mining pool.Revenues will be allocated to users in real time after staking, and users can unstake at any time to take away the rewards.

Contact us

If you have any other questions, please contact our official customer service.

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